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The British Corporative Bowling Committee exists to promote the Sport of Tenpin Bowling inside the realms of companies, both large and small,  therefore encouraging competition between these companies by entering the qualifying rounds of the Bowling European Corporative.

Each year the Committee organise the Great Britain National Corporate Finals where we hope to attract some 90+ companies to participate.   The Tournament can be entered by teams of 4 persons, Ladies Doubles and Mixed Doubles, however, each member of a team must work for the company that they representing.  There is no limit to how many teams each company enters.

The winning teams will then qualify for automatic entry into the European Finals of the Bowling European Corporative to represent Great Britain which can be held in any one of 13 countries around Europe and over 120 teams compete.  Each team qualifying in the same manner from nearly 1000 original entries.  For the eventual winners of the Championships Gold, Silver and Bronze medals are awarded.

Visit our web site for more details of our Championships and Qualifying rounds - Click the logo below.