The History Of The Foundation Of "Bowling Europeen Corporatif"

Already prior to 1969, a great many nations such as France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and many others, organised within their countries, in one form or another, Corporative Tournaments or Championships. No central organistation existed however to assemble the different country organisations into one body.

It was, above all, the Directors of Bowling Centers and the persons responsible for Corporative Bowling programmes, who recognised the importance of the phenomenon that was "Corporative Bowling". It was thus normal for them to undertake all the arrangements necessary for an International body to be created.

It was thus on the initiative of Mr Raymond PIERRE, President of the U.R.B.R.A.S.C.O - Belgium, in co-operation with Mr Michel CHOLLET, Bowling Paris S.A. and Mr Herbert RAUSCHER of AMF - Geneva, that the first International Corporative Bowling Tournament was orgainsed on May 25th and 26th - 1969 at the Paris establishment Bois de Boulogne. This Tournament took place under the auspices of the International Recreation Association.

For this first event, Mr L. VIVES, the then President of the French Bowling Federation, gave all the players authorisation to participate, whether or not they were members of their respective National Associations.

Four Nations represented by 19 teams, participated in this Tournament.

The second International Corporative Bowling Tournament, organised by Mr Enzo GOGLIO, AMF and Mr. Roger POCHON, who was at the time the President of the Geneva Corporative League, in co-operation with Mr Raymond PIERRE, was held in the Bowling Center at Meyrin - Geneva on the 6th and 7th June 1970. This Tournament took place within the framework of the first European Biennial for Leisures.

Six Nations, represented by 36 teams, took part in this competition.

It was during the course of this Tournament, on June 7th 1970, that a meeting was held in the Bowling Centre at Meyrin - Geneva, during which, the Organising Committee for European Corporative Bowling was formed.

Here follows an extract of the minutes of the meeting held on June 7th 1970.

.......were present at the meeting :-

Representing Germany

- Mr Max SCHMIDT - Manager of the Brunswick Bowling Center in Berlin, and President of the Betriebssportverband of Berlin, Francfort and Hamburg.
- Mr GUNDLACH - President of the Berlin Section of this Organisation

Representing France

- Mr M. GANTEILLE - Secretary of the I.F.B. Bowling.

Representing Great Britain

- Mr Les WOOLLEY - Operations manager - Ambassador Bowling Limited - London

Representing Italy


Representing Switzerland

- Mr Roger POCHON - President of the Corporative Bowling League of Geneva
- Mr E. GOGLIO - Director of the Meyrin/Geneva Bowling Center
- Mr WINTER - Vice-President of the Bowling Section of the Bale Firmensportsverband

Representing Belgium

- Mr Raymond PIERRE - President of the URBRASCO, Brussels
- Mr A. CASTREMANNE - General Secretary of URBRASCO, Brussels
- Mr F. CAPRASSE - Manager of the Crosley Bowling Center, Brussels

Representing the International recreation Association

- Mr N. LOURIE - Co-President of the Geneva Biennial for Leisures - Member of the International Association for Leisures.

The meeting was opened at 09:20 by Mr GOGLIO, who thanked all of the Representatives for the different Corporative Bowling Associations present. He then specified that the objective of the meeting was to constitute a European Committee for Tournaments for Corporative Bowling.

Following this, Mr POCHON stated that Geneva renounced the biennial organisation of the Corporative Bowling Tournament, and proposed the election of a committee which would have as a mission the organisation of a Tournament or Championship for Corporative Bowling on an annual basis. This Committee would be elected for a term of two years.

As the first President, Mr POHON proposed to the Assembly Mr Raymond PIERRE, President of URBRASCO Bowling, Brussels.

Mr PIERRE was elected unanimously as first President of the Organisation Committee for European Corporative Bowling Tournaments.

The first Committee thus constituted will be composed of 6 members, each representing a country having perticipated in the Tournaments held in Parisin 1969 and/or in Geneva in 1970.

Were designated :-

 - Mr Raymond PIERRE - President
 - Mr B. MORA - Member
 - Mr M. SCHMIDT - Member
 - Mr Roger POCHON - Member
Great Britain
 - Mr Les Wooley - Member


 - Mr J. TORCHIO - Member 
- A team is composed of 4 players, with the eventual addition of a reserve player.

- All the players of a team and the reserve player must effectively belong to the Firm they represent. An attestation by the Firm to this effect will be requested before each Tournament.

- All players enguage in the Tournament must be affiliated to the F.I.Q. Their subscriptions must have been paid.

It is proposed that the Ascension Day week-end be reserved each year for the staging of the European Corporative Bowling Championship.

- The Organising Committee is charged by the Assembly to make all those contacts which appear to them to be useful to obtain from the F.I.Q. Calendar Committee that Ascension Day Week-end be retained each year for the staging of the European Corporative Tournament.

- The Committee is also charged to make representations to the F.I.Q. to obtain the authorisation to term our Annual Tournament as the "European Championships For Corporative Bowling".

......End of quotation.

And it was thus that, in 1971, the first European Championship for Corporative Bowling was held in Berlin.

On July 30th 1970, Mr Raymond PIERRE, President of "Bowling European Corporatif" requested the F.I.Q. - T.D. - E.Z. to sanction the competition and to name it the "European Championship for Corporative Bowling" as well as the recognition of our Committee as the Organisor of these Championships. ( Letter from Mr Raymond PIERRE of JUlt 30th 1970, to Mr K. AHLSTROM, Helsinki ).

Om November 4th 1970, a favourable reply was received and our Organising Committee for Corporative Bowling and our Annual Championship were thus officially sanctioned by the F.I.Q. ( Letter November 4th 1970 from Mr G. SARAHETE and February 10th 1971 from Mr Raymond PIERRE ).

During the meeting held in Brussels on May 14th 1972, Mr Maurice GLAZER, the President of the F.I.Q. - TD - E.Z., attended and as President, declared that he recognised officially the European Championship for Corporative Bowling and that he would request all National Federations in Europe to encourage the future of that competition. He also confirmed that the European Championship for Corporative Bowling would be played each year in future under the aegis of the F.I.Q.

On July 3rd 1973, in London, during the Genral Assembly of the Organising Committee of the European Championship for Corporative Bowling, the Ladies Championship was officially recognised as such, and will continue in the future