Playing rules of the Bowling European Corporative Championships.

Overall Rules to Observe

The general playing rules and tournament rules of the F.I.Q. will apply in spirit, together with the various special rules as laid down by B.E.C.

These special rules can be found on the menu list for each topic affected.

All rules are subject to the BEC Committee interpretation and should be fully understood by all players before commencement of the Championships.

It is the responsibility of the Country Representatives to ensure that all their players have read and fully understand the regulations.

The BEC referee, along with his country designated assistants, will check all teams for compliance to the regulations.  Should any infringements be found they will be noted and the team and Country Representative informed.  This will take the form of a first warning and the team should take steps to correct any infringement.  If the infringement is not corrected, or cannot be corrected, the BEC Referee will bring the issue to the attention of the BEC Executive Committee.  Ensuring common sense prevails they will make the final decision on any appropriate action to take.