Bowling European Corporative Statutes.

1. Objectives

  1. To promote Corporative bowling throughout Europe, in accordance with the rules of the F.I.Q. - Tenpin Division.  To promote the sport of Tenpin Bowling, limited to teams of commercial and other specific organisations, such as the Armed Forces and the Police, who are either members of, or recognised by the national federation of the country in which they are serving and conform to B.E.C rules.
  2. To organise and stage annual Championships which will take place during Ascension day week-end each year, and other tournaments as proposed by the B.E.C. Committee.
  3. To encourage the unification of groups of players in each country, falling into the categories described under paragraph (a) above.

2. Membership

  1. All countries who are recognised by the F.I.Q - European Zone - Tenpin Division shall be eligible for membership of the B.E.C.
  2. All participants in events organised or recognised by the B.E.C. must be members in good standing with the National Federation or Association of the country they represent. 

3. Annual General Assembly

  1. The annual general assembly of B.E.C will be held during the period of the annual Championships

4. B.E.C Committee

  1. The B.E.C. Committee consists of all country representatives and the Executive Committee

5. The B.E.C Executive Committee

  1. The B.E.C Executive Committee shall consist of:-
    1. A President
    2. An honorary Vice President
    3. A Treasurer
    4. A General Secretary
  2. The President, Honorary Vice President, Treasurer and General Secretary are not delegates of a nation, but will have the same voting power as the delegates described under paragraph "4".
  3. Honorary members may be elected, but such honorary membership only entitles the nominees to be present at the meetings, but not eligible to vote.
  4. The B.E.C. Executive committee will resolve all matters, doubt or dispute arising from the Championships which cannot be resolved by the Tournament Manager or the Referee.  It shall be the interpreter of the playing rules and may apply penalties to individuals and organisations under its jurisdiction who infringe or have infringed the principles governing Corporative Bowling or the rules of the F.I.Q - E.Z. - Tenpin Division.
  5. It will be responsible for the general administration of the B.E.C. throughout the year.
  6. In certain circumstances between two general meetings, the President may cirularise committee members by letter to vote upon the resolution of an urgent problem.

6 .Delegates

  1. Each member nation shall be represented by a delegate who has been elected or appointed by his national corporative organisation or in the absence of such organisation, by his National Bowling Federation or National Bowling Association.
  2. Delegates of countries who have not settled their financial obligations with B.E.C. prior to the annual general meeting are allowed to attend the meeting but are not allowed to vote.

7. Elections and Terms of Office

  1. The officers will be elected for a period of 4 years
  2. 2 auditors will be elected annually.
  3. The committee as a whole elect the honorary members described under paragraph "5".
  4. All successful candidates will take office on September 1st, following the annual general assembly at which they are elected.

8. Chairmanship and Procedure

  1. The President shall take the chair at each annual general meeting. In his absence, the chair will be taken by the Vice-President. Should both the President and the Vice-President be absent, the delegates elect a president of the day.
  2. Quorum: at least 50% of the members shall constitute a quorum.
  3. Resolutions for the agenda of the assembly must be received by the General Secretary no later than 30 days prior to the date of the general assembly and circulated to the members of the committee no later than 15 days prior to the meeting.
    Proposals submitted after this date will be considered under "any other business", and will be discussed providing time is available.
    Voting will be by a show of coloured cards, unless a member of the committee requests a secret ballot.
    Decisions will be taken by an minimum of 80% majority.
    In the event of a tie, the chairman shall have a casting vote.
  4. Proxies: committee members will be allowed one proxy vote, which must be in writing, and signed by the committee member giving the proxy, and handed to the General Secretary prior to the start of this meeting.
  5. Attendance at the general assembly is limited to one delegate and one guest per country. Request to bring additonal guests must be submitted, for approval, to the Executive Committee before the meeting starts.
    Countries not members of the B.E.C. may send an observer with the permission of the Executive Committee.
    The executive may invite other guests to the general assembly
    If necessary, a delegate may request the attendance of an interpretor for their benefit.
  6. All procedural matters not covered by these statutes shall be resolved by the chairman of the assembly.

9. Treasury

  1. The B.E.C. bank account shall be held in SWITZERLAND.
  2. A membership fee is payable by each country member of the B.E.C., the amount of which is decided upon each year, based on the recommendation of the Treasurer, which is in turn based upon the state of the finances under his control. In addition the country organising the championships shall pay a fee for each competitor, the amount of which is also fixed annually.
  3. The funds so realised for the general administration of the B.E.C., together with the travel expenses of the President, Treasurer, General Secretary and Referee within fixed limitations.
  4. Audited financial statements will be submitted annually to the general assembly, and, after approval, will become part of the minutes of that general assembly. The Treasurer will also present a budget to the assembly, covering projected income and expenditure for the coming season, for its approval.

10. Official Languages of B.E.C.

  1. The recognised languages used within the B.E.C. shall be French and English.
  2. For the purpose of the interpretation of the statutes and regulations, the English language shall take preference.

11. Tournament Committee

  1. The Tournament Committee shall be appointed by the General Secretary and consist of a minimum of three persons, who will meet at least once a year.
  2. All tournaments organised by B.E.C., must first be approved by the Tournament Committee.

12. Playing Rules

  1. The playing rules are published annually as a separate chapter to these statutes, and will be updated in accordance with changes agreed upon by the Tournament Committee.

13. Operative Dates

  1. The business year will run from April 1st through March 31st. But any changes in the executives will take effect on 31st August following the Change.

14. Member Nations (Current as of 2012)