Bowling European Corporative - Hall of Fame

The people potrayed below have either made outstanding service to the Bowling European Corporative or have achieved individual success during one of our Champinoships.  Please scroll down to ensure you read about all our Hall of Famers.   If you believe that other people should be recognised in this page then please contact your B.E.C. Representative with the details who will then put the request to the B.E.C.Committee for approval.

 Hall of Fame

 Gordon 'Jock' Caie - B.E.C. General Secretary for over a thousand years (or thats what it seems like!) - Originally from Scotland but involved in all aspects and levels of bowling in Great Britain for many years. Jock was presented with a special certificate and made an honorary life member of B.E.C. jockcaie 
 rogerpochon  Roger Pochon - B.E.C. Treasurer for 27 Years and was one of the founder members of the B.E.C. Committee.  He managed the funds of B.E.C. so that the annual subsciptions from each member country were never  raised during his term of office.  He resigned his post at the Nottingham Championships in Great Britain and handed office over to Joel Hienrich  - also from Switzerland.  Roger was presented with a parting gift by the B.E.C. Committee and made an honorary life member of B.E.C.
Mr Raymond Pierre - Belgium - Honorary Member Of BEC   nopictavailable
 mauriceglazer  Mr Maurice Glazer - MBE - Great Britain - Honorary Member Of BEC
Mr Kurt Walhstedt - Finland - Honorary Member Of BEC  kurtwahlstedt 
 georgegendraud Mr George Gendraud - Switzerland - Honorary Member Of BEC 
 Mrs Raija Salmijarvi - Finland   -   Honorary Member Of BEC raijasalmijarvi 
 bentnordahl Mr Bent Nordahl - Sweden - Honorary Member Of BEC - 2000
 Mr Juhani Siikala - Finland   -   Honorary Member Of BEC - 2012 juhanisiikala